What to expect

How do we reserve our wedding date?
First of all, please contact us to check if your wedding date is free. Once confirmed with you, we will book the day only for your wedding. We never shoot two weddings in the same day.

Can I change the inclusions in my package?
Yes, we are always willing to work with you to offer you exactly what you would like in a package.

Do you carry spare equipment?
Yes, we do. We also carry backup cameras, lenses, batteries, memory cards… to make sure your wedding day goes smoothly from our end.

What equipment do you use?
Each photographer carries a main set and a backup set of professional Canon/Nikon camera equipment, with a range of professional lenses from super wide to super zoom. This ensures we can capture the whole scene as a beautiful landscape, as well as the close up moments. Typically our photographers have 21 megapixel digital SLR cameras, that can produce a file size suitable for printing on a bill board. Our photographers also carry backup devices to keep your images safe on the day, flash guns as well and depending on the venue we can use our portable light studio.

Can we have just the USB of images from our wedding?
Of course. Our standard package offers you a USB with all the images from your wedding and gives you the freedom to create and design your own album.

Will you be able to travel?
We are quite flexible and we are sure we will find a way to include all travel and accommodation expenses in one of our packages.

Where can we have the engagement photo session, if we choose to book one?
We can arrange it at your wedding venue so we can spot the best locations for your big day or we can choose any other place you may wish.

How long will you stay at our wedding?
As we stated on the prices page, we don’t like to limit the amount of hours we spend while shooting a wedding. Neither the number of shots we take. However, we don’t shoot more than 12 hours in a day but that should be more than enough to cover the entire event.

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?
We’re very happy to continue shooting in the rain, if you’re happy to go out in it! Realistically it’s worth considering a plan ’B’ as to where to take the photographs if we can’t go outside, this will be discussed before the wedding day.
A good photographer should be able to capture your pictures in all conditions and we have the professional photographic equipment required to deal with low light conditions and bad weather. We have actually taken some of our most beautiful shots in the rain, or on overcast days. Our photographers are very experienced in all types of weather conditions. You’ll be surprised how amazing some rain shots come out – especially with out set of matching beautiful umbrellas!

I have a particular style of photography in mind, are you able to take similar photographs?
No problem, if you see images in bridal magazines that you like, show them to us and we will do our best to reproduce them on the day.

Are there any other costs aside from the costs of the packages?
The only potential additional costs are travel and accommodation expenses. If your wedding takes place more than 15 miles away from M25, the travel charge is 50p per mile. In addition, if the wedding is more then 4 hours or 150 miles from London, we will require accommodation for the evening before the wedding to eliminate the possibility of any traffic problems on the day itself.

When shall we expect our USB with all the pictures? How about the free on-line gallery?
Usually it takes 4 to 8 weeks for both of them. (During peak season, as we are extremely busy and keen on the quality of the final product, the waiting is usually 8 weeks).

How can our wedding guests view or order the photographs?
All your wedding photos will be hosted in the “client area” on our website. They can be viewed by entering a password.

How long does it take to make the album?
Usually it takes us 3-4 weeks to get the album ready.

When do we have to pay you?
An initial non-refundable £200 fee is required when you book your day with us. The remaining payment is usually due 4 weeks before the wedding.

Will our images be retouched?
Yes. All your images will be carefully edited.

Can you include a videographer in one of your packages?
We work with a pool of videographers and we can offer one, subject to availability on your wedding date.

What are the advantages of hiring professional photographers?
A professional photographer is experienced in capturing beautiful images despite the often stressful conditions that a wedding can present. They are proficient at organising group shots, creative when looking for good locations in bad weather conditions and technically experienced to take the very best images they can on your day. They are also aware of all the little details the bride and groom may want recorded. The equipment they use is specifically designed to capture perfect images in low light conditions, for example in ceremonies when flash is often prohibited. In addition, a professional photographer will carry a full set of backup equipment in case of any problems on the day. Weddings often take years to plan and cost thousands of pounds. After the event the only thing which remains are your images, so it is worth making sure they are the best they can be.

If you were unable to find the answer to your questions here, please feel free to contact us anytime. We’ll be more than happy to answer any question you might have. Also, please visit our wedding photography Terms and Conditions page.

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