About me

About a London wedding photographer and his vision


My name is Christian and I am the lead photographer at BestWeddingPhotos and proud member of the Royal Photographic Society. In the past I was attracted by architectural, landscape, portrait and event photography and I started to do wedding photography partly by chance, when my best friend who knew my passion for photography asked me to photograph his wedding. How christian paun wedding photographer london could I say no to one of the most important people in my life? Then, another good friend of mine who was hopelessly in love with his fiancé said: “Chris, I love her so much you know, I can’t wait any longer. I want to marry her this summer. Would you photograph our wedding?” Of course, how could I not photograph that? And this is how it all started.

One of the reasons I photograph weddings is the fact that family defines me most. In a sense, weddings are a celebration of family and they are meaningful; my best friend’s unique love story is extremely meaningful, just as much as any other love story, just as much as yours.

I also photograph weddings because they are incredibly unique. Weddings reflect the personality of the families, of the bride and groom. Almost always the weddings are themed: vintage or elegant and pristine, colourful Brazilian carnival or Nigerian traditional, each wedding is different and so much fun to photograph.

Another reason is that in order to become a good photographer, to be better at photography,  you should capture weddings, as they are so hard to photograph. The light is always changing, the people are always moving in different scenarios. Weddings are a great place to learn and to grow as a photographer since almost all the photography genres are to be found in wedding photography and that forces the photographer to master them all.

Another reason why I photograph weddings is because they are incredibly fun. Weddings are an important celebration of two people. At weddings you never know what might happen and the unexpected almost always occurs.

One more reason is because wedding photography is a complete gift. Out of all the pictures a photographer might capture during their career, these are the pictures that we, as photographers, do not capture for ourselves, but for you, our client, and these photographs will be passed on from generation to generation.

As a wedding photographer I am an ambassador for the bride and groom as I interact with so many different guests and bring those guests together. I aim to capture beautiful and unexpected moments and to document the people, the place and the events of that day.

I am also focused on crafting artistic and breath-taking photographs. In my vision, crafting is different from documenting because I am not only a silent observer, but I try to tell a story by bringing people together in a unique way.

Another thing that I love doing is to compose photographs that are simple, strong and luminous. I am keen on creating photographs that stand the test of time, that allow generations to savour and celebrate the people and this day.

I want to create photographs that are timeless; I am interested in pictures that are artistic and authentic, beautiful and meaningful. I like taking pictures that have sentiment and emotion. My pictures are engaged and capture togetherness. They are simple and strong, filled with hope and genuine happiness. They are calm and relaxed, romantic and vibrant at the same time.

If you think I have beautiful pictures and you like my imagery, if you feel you could connect with me and that I’m a good fit for your wonderful day, I would love to tell your story!