Reportage wedding photography by Christian Paun Your wedding. Your memories. Your pictures.

My approach to wedding photography is all about beautiful wedding photos that tell stories. By instinct I’m a photojournalist: I shoot weddings as they unfold, working tactfully around you and your guests to capture the moments you’ll want to remember.

Nobody likes bossy photographers, especially me, which is why I work in a relaxed and unobtrusive way to capture key moments, telling the story of your special day.

From make up to tidy up, or less if you’d prefer, I’m happy to work as long or as little as you’d like. I think that the best and the most beautiful wedding photos are the natural, candid ones. So, as well as doing some group shots and formal photos, most of my photographs are reportage to catch you and your guests when you’re relaxed and to record all the moments that make your day so special.

How do I tell stories with pictures? By keeping close to the action throughout your wedding day. I discreetly capture a wider view, which gives my work an edge over photographers who keep their distance from the excitement. The events of your wedding day are shown in context; each individual picture works well by itself but looks even better when compiled into an album that you and your family will treasure for generations.

Although people and relationships are the focus of my photojournalistic approach to wedding photography, light and colour are essential ingredients for beautiful wedding photos. I make the most of available light, choosing to use it to capture the atmosphere of the day rather than overwhelm it with flash. Whether you have chosen a candlelit church or a bright, modern venue, I’ll capture the mood of your wedding day. The final portfolio of images shown to you will be an evocative mixture of black & white and colour, using black & white to emphasise the composition, lighting and timeless quality of my images, and colour where it gives strength to an image.